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About Us

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Old Friends

Who We Are

We are Club Members who focus on our strengths and enjoy new friendship and fun. We are supported with the help we need with our cognitive or physical health challenges so they don’t get in the way as we go through the day’s activities.


We are volunteers who care about each person as part of a healthy community. We help others live life to the fullest.


We are a dedicated staff who create a relaxed atmosphere of fun and respect. We  remind Members of their strengths and encouragage choices so the experiences at Old Friends Club is something each Member to looks forward to.

What We Do

We infuse everything with laughter, conversation, music, and memories—sometimes long-lost ones that take us by surprise. 


Here are some examples of the many activities we enjoy:

  • Exercise: head-to-toe range of motion and balance

  • The Arts: Watercolor, collage, letter-writing

  • Crafts: cooking, card-making, creating centerpieces

  • Music: sing-alongs—both planned and impromptu, visiting entertainers, or old familiar tunes playing in the background 

  • Word games: crossword puzzles, word search, words-in-words

  • Learning and sharing: current events, book club, reminiscing

  • Table games: Bingo! Pokeno, Kings in the Corner, puzzles

  • Active games: ring toss, bowling, modified sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball

Our Mission:  

Old Friends Club cultivates joy in the lives of adults with cognitive challenges and nourishes the well-being of family caregivers.

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 2472, Kirkland, WA 98083

Phone:  425-681-9776



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