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About Old Friends Club

About OFC new


Old Friends Club empowers communities to cultivate joy in the lives of adults with dementia and nourish the wellbeing of family caregivers.


Vision & Values


Our vision is a society where people with dementia- and those who care for them - are included, respected, supported, and have resources they need to live well. We connect caregivers with accessible, affordable respite care, giving them peace of mind knowing their loved one is experiencing culturally meaningful connection and belonging in a safe, welcoming group. We value people with dementia as whole human beings deserving of respect, enriching life experiences, and meaningful social connection. Even the most devoted caregivers benefit from regular respite to take care of their own health and well-being and return to caregiving with renewed energy, perspective, and resilience.

Daytime Memory Care and Respite Since 2015, Old Friends Club has been a trusted Daytime Memory Care and Caregiver Respite provider, expanding to four King County locations. In 2020, we are pivoting to partner with diverse populations to catalyze, inspire, and assist them in filling the gap in memory care in their own communities.


Old Friends Club empowers community-based organizations to offer tangible, life-changing support to people living with dementia and those who care for them. The friends and family of those with dementia are, by far, the leading providers of dementia care. So much depends on them, and they need our support.

The Clubs are community-based social respite programs that improve care and caregiver outcomes, and reduce the burden on the broader health care systems.

The need is urgent and reaches every community, so we must too. OFC believes empowering community organizations to start and lead social respite programs for the people they serve is the best way to 1.) quickly expand to meet the massive need for respite, and 2.) serve diverse communities while honoring each culture.

Old Friends Club is a dementia care resource improving on, or perhaps returning to the wholesome roots of, the adult day model. Studies show proven effectiveness and benefits of these programs, including promoting the resilience that caregivers need to continue offering care at home.

Each Club is a place of friendship and belonging for those living with dementia, where they share life together through conversation, music, art, games, exercise, and a meal. While they enjoy the Club, caregivers have reliable respite – practical chunks of time to recharge and tend to other needs.

There is an enormous gap in dementia care. Community organizations want to do more, and providers in the field of aging need real solutions to offer. Old Friends Club is a sustainable, replicable, affordable solution and can be the foundation of a system change. Join us.

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