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*Updated 9/1/23

Advanced Dementia

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Activity in the Later Stages of Dementia - Social Care Institute for Excellence

Advanced Dementia: A Guide for Families (PDF)

The purpose of this guide is to provide information to the family members and individuals responsible for making health care decisions for patients with advanced dementia. The guide is or- ganized into 10 sections. The topics and contents for these sections were devel- oped by health care professionals, in-

cluding geriatricians, nurses, palliative care specialists, and medical researchers, based on their clinical experience and the latest research in the field of advanced dementia. Family members of patients with advanced dementia have also contributed to the guide in order to reflect their viewpoints and concerns.

7 Stages of Dementia - Compassion and Choices

Supporting a Person in the Later Stages of Dementia - Alzheimer's Society 

Warner Law Offices, PLCC

Dementia & Driving

While some people with dementia can keep driving through the early stages of the disease, the condition will eventually cause authorities to revoke the privilege. Driving in the advanced stages of dementia can lead to catastrophic results, including fatal car accidents.  

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