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As an OFC Affiliate, communities can create affordable social programs for people living with dementia and respite for caregivers that can be adapted to the community’s needs.

Why become an Affiliate? 

There is a growing population who needs care and support: In Washington State, there are 300,000 family caregivers. 120,000 people aged 65 and older are living with Alzheimer’s disease. 434 million hours of unpaid care has been provided by Alzheimer’s caregivers and the cost of this care is valued at $10.9 billion (Alzheimer's Association, reference here).

Provide person-centered, community-based solutions: Dementia caregivers urgently need true respite, and they need it in their community, where it is accessible, close to home, and led by their fellow community members. OFC believes empowering other organizations to start and lead social respite programs for the people in their community is the best way to: 

1) quickly expand to meet the massive need for respite throughout our state and beyond

2) serve diverse communities while honoring each culture. 

This model makes social respite programs available to every community and is flexible to serve people of any language, identity, culture, race, ethnicity, faith, or economic means. Caregivers have at least 5 hours of respite at least 2 days a week to use as they wish.


Reduce Isolation. People Living with Dementia need friendship and belonging.

The Clubs are places where these individuals can enjoy conversation, music and games, create art, stay active, have lunch and share their lives together with 10-11 other members.


Offer an affordable option. The Clubs are less than half the cost of in-home care. Old Friends Club’s is a cost-saving solution. OFC’s respite programs reduce long-term care costs, reduce health care costs for both those with dementia and their caregivers, increase resilience, and reduce the burden on the broader health care system.

Process of Becoming an Affiliate:


Upcoming virtual roundtable dates for interested parties who would like to learn more about becoming an affiliate:

Please check back for upcoming dates.


What is Old Friends Club? 

Old Friends Club (OFC) empowers communities to cultivate joy in the lives of adults living with dementia and nourish the well-being of the friends and family who care for them. 


What is an Old Friends Club program? 

Each local program (Club) is a daytime social respite program offering individuals with dementia a place of friendship and cognitive engagement and reliable breaks for their care partners. These Clubs are community-based and improve care and caregiver outcomes along with reducing the burden on the broader health care systems. 


What is an OFC Affiliate? 

An Affiliate partners with OFC to offer a Club in their community. The Affiliate is responsible for hiring staff, operating and maintaining the Club (or Clubs), and sends Affiliate reports to OFC 

How does OFC support an Affiliate? 

OFC provides ongoing support, centralized marketing, and a Toolkit to the Affiliate. The Toolkit includes budgets, policies, forms, templates, recruitment tools, training materials, and recommendations for an Affiliate to successfully operate a program. It offers flexibility to adapt to the needs of the organization’s community.   

In addition to the Toolkit, OFC offers training to bring staff and volunteers from various Affiliate Clubs together to boost skills, knowledge, and provide valuable opportunities for networking and peer support. 

What does it take to get started? 

  • People: two paid program staff. Two volunteers/day. Caregiver support and Intakes.  

  • Space: room for up to 16 people to meet around tables and get up and move that is available at least two 6-hour days/week.  

  • Supplies: games and puzzles, music, art supplies, activity resources, etc. 

  • Lunch: prepared by volunteers or affordable delivery (we have suggestions), plus supplies for serving. 

  • Admin: add staff to payroll, invoice program fees, etc 

Insurance coverage for these programs should be discussed with your organization’s insurance agent. Coverage for this program may be included in an existing policy or could be added as a rider.  

What are the operational costs of an OFC Program? 

A Club that operates 2 days/week can serve 10 to 12 families and is self-sustaining with just 6 - 7 Members who pay monthly fees. Program fees remain with the Affiliate and provide sustainable revenue to cover all the expenses associated with your program. This also leaves room for a sliding scale for those in your community who need financial assistance.


“It is difficult to describe the life-changing gift given us through the Old Friends Club the consistency to schedule necessities and even some respite for me."  

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