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Children + Grandchildren | Caregiver Resources:

For Kids:

Alzheimer's Association - For Kids - Books, Links, Videos:

Alzheimer's Society- Helping Children Understand Dementia

Alzheimer's Society- Resource List for Kids

Resources for adults working with teens, videos, and books

Dementia Australia - Books about Dementia for Kids


For Teens:

Alzheimer's Association - For Teens - Books, Links, Videos:

Alzheimer's Foundation of America - AFA Teens

AFA’s teen division was founded in 2002, by a teenager, to help educate and support teens whose lives have been impacted by Alzheimer’s disease, as well as those who are interested in getting involved in the cause. AFA Teens will help build leadership skills as chapters set out to engage in volunteering opportunities along with organizing fundraising and educational events related to Alzheimer’s care to spread awareness.


For the Adult Child:

Podcast recommendations:

  1. The Caring Generation (

  2. “Having a family member with dementia” from Self-Helpless


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