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Member Benefits

What you gain as an Old Friends Club Member

Membership fees are monthly,

based on 2 or 3 days

of attendance per week.

Rates compare to an average of

less than $15 per hour.

(Half the cost of in-home care)

Social Interaction

OFC Members discover new friends and find ways to care for each another, which restores a sense of purpose and even becomes motivation to get moving in the morning.

Mental Stimulation

A variety of activities are tailored to each person's ability and comfort with enough challenge to enjoy the satisfaction of success.


Group exercises and active games 

improve range-of-motion and balance, 

keep blood and joints moving, and 

improve overall well-being.


A nutritious lunch shared with friends nourishes body and soul.


Engaging with others in a safe setting offers a chance to regain a sense of independence. 

Other Benefits:

Improved Relationships at home

Higher Self-esteem

Days full of laughter