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Affiliate ToolKit

Intake + Member Info

Medication Policy

Old Friends Club is a social program with no medical staff. Members requiring medication during program hours must be able to self-administer. Staff may assist only (remind, open bottle). Discuss medication needs with staff at enrollment and with any change.  

Please let us know when there has been a medication change that may impact behavior. We can be alert to any affects and be extra eyes for you.  

There is flexibility for Affiliates here. If your organization is equipped to offer greater assistance, or if the population you serve requires it, feel free to tailor this policy accordingly. Be prepared for the increased liability. 

Attendance Policy

Let notify staff as soon as possible if the Member cannot attend on a scheduled day. Consistent attendance is important for both the group and for each Member. Try to arrange appointments on days not scheduled to attend. Monthly fees remain the same regardless of occasional absences. When possible, a missed day may be rescheduled in that same week. Please discuss extended absences with the director. 

Weather Closures

The Affiliate should have a plan for interruptions due to weather and natural disasters. Below is a sample based on the experience of the four original Old Friends Club locations. 

Weather closures:  Old Friends Club loosely follows the local school district’s plan during times of icy roads, floods or power outages. Following is Old Friends Club’s policy on weather closures: 

  • When the local school district is closed due to weather, Old Friends Club is also closed. 

  • When the local school district announces a delayed start, we request patience as the decision is trickier.   

  • Which school district?  

    In Bellevue = Bellevue School District 

    In Carnation = Riverview School District 

    In Kirkland = Lake Washington School District 

    In Sammamish = Issaquah School District 

  • Local television and radio stations report school closures and delays. On their websites, it’s often listed on both the home page and the weather page.  

  • If weather conditions change drastically or a power outage occurs while Old Friends Club is meeting, we will contact you. Please be alert to changes and be reachable in case of emergency. We count on you to respond as quickly as possible. 

  • Carnation Transportation:  When Riverview S.D. has a delayed start, the Hyde Shuttle is also delayed while OFC will be open. You’ll need to provide your own transportation on those days. Contact Hyde Shuttle at 425-333-4009 for more information. 


Affiliate should complete a holiday calendar marking Club closures and provide to families upon enrollment and annually. 

Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contacts: The contact list provided at enrollment is used in case the Member is not able to stay through the day and we need to call the caregiver to pick up them up. We will call the Primary Caregiver first. Please update emergency contact as changes occur. Following are events that would prompt a call: 

  • Health/comfort: Occasionally incidents occur, such as illness or incontinence, which compromise the Member’s comfort at the program.  

  • Power outage, sudden severe weather or regional emergency that impacts the safety of the Members.  

  • Emergency situations:  If a Club Member is in distress, staff will call 911 and contact the caregiver as soon as emergency medical personnel are on the way.  


Families are asked to provide a copy of the Member’s POLST to assure their advance directive can be followed by emergency personnel. A POLST is required if a “do not resuscitate” order is in place. 

Ensure emergency contact information is periodically updated. 


A POLST is one of three important documents we should all have. A Durable Power of Attorney, an Advance Directive, and a POLST are important documents to create. The Advance Directive helps address difficult decisions before you’re faced with them. A Durable Power of Attorney ensures your authority to apply those decisions. The POLST (Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) ensures those decisions will be followed. We can suggest resources to help create these documents if needed.  


More information here: 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This policy states Old Friends Club’s position on equity and inclusion and applies to all Old Friends Club clients, affiliates, employees, volunteers, board members, and contractors. Old Friends Club is committed to serving the community and promoting equity regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, economic background, faith, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental ability. This policy also guides our training, marketing, and relationships with affiliates. 

POLST Master Form

To download a sample of this document, click on the PDF button to the left.