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Affiliate ToolKit

STaff + Volunteers


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Members of community who are already engaged are best! 



-Simply Hired


Interview Questions (Sample)

  1. What is it about this job that interests you? 

    1. Look for connection to the mission 

  2. Tell us about your experience working with this population? 

    1. Should demonstrate empathy, flexibility, humor, patience, creativity. Listen for ability to engage, redirect, defuse agitation or aggression. 

  3. Talk about your comfort/ability to lead groups and keep things interesting.  

    1. Activities are important, but the true focus should be on relationship. Listen for a willingness to be flexible, to pause for a story or good discussion, to facilitate cooperation and connection between Members. 

  4. (For Activity Director) How comfortable are you leading staff and volunteers? 

    1. The Activity Director is the leader of the program and needs to be able to guide the program assistant and volunteers to make the day flow smoothly  

    2. The "day" includes morning prep, arrival of members/serving beverages, shifting between and assisting with activities, exercise, washing up, serving and clearing  lunch, restroom breaks, departure of members, clean-up/debrief.  

  5. Describe what a stressful situation would be for you in a work environment 

    1. How would you handle that stress? 

    2. How would you like to be supported? 

  6. Case Scenarios: How would you deal with a member who… 

    1. Becomes agitated (perhaps by a hallucination or irritation by another Member) 

    2. Becomes anxious to go home (perhaps repeating a question or becomes exit-seeking) 

    3. Is inappropriate (begins swearing or attempts to touch inappropriately) 

    4. --In their answers, look for  

      1. understanding that these diseases can cause some of these behaviors, but that they are less likely with routine and when everyone is engaged and comfortable.  

      2. Calm, empathetic, creative responses and a tendency toward teamwork. 

      3. Willingness to communicate with the family to check for possible illness such as a UTI, or changes in medication, sleep, or home life.  

  7. What special strengths do you have, your "super powers"? 

  8. Tell us about the "best" job you ever had. What made it so great? 

  9. What do you do for fun? 

  10. Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself? 

  11. Do you have any questions for us?