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Affiliate ToolKit


Fee Scale

Fees may of course be set by the Affiliate to be appropriate for their community. Below is the fee schedule set in place in February 2020 in response to families suggesting the previous rates were too low. The rates never actually went into effect due to Covid. 

Fees reflect an effort to balance affordability for families and sustainability for the Club. Rates are subject to change. We may be able to offset costs for those needing financial assistance. 

Fees are monthly, and rates are based on number of days scheduled to attend per week: 

2 days per week = $650 / month 

3 days per week = $925 / month 

4 days per week = $1050 / month 

5 days per week = $1175 / month 

1 day per week   = $350 / month (if pre-arranged and suitable. One day/week should be generally discouraged. Members are much more likely to be successful in building trust, comfort and friendships with attendance at least 2 days/week) 


If attendance begins mid-month, the fee is prorated.  

Payment is due prior to attendance and at the beginning of each month.  

Scholarship Program

Download the application for funding assistance here:

LTC Insurance

Many Long Term Care Insurance policies will cover adult day services. There is generally an "elimination period" similar to a deductible in which the policy holder pays for services for a certain number of days before the policy pays out. Only days attended count toward that period. For example, someone who attends two days each week will need to attend and pay out-of-pocket for 45 weeks to meet an elimination period of 90 days. 

The insurance company will require documentation, sometimes including a Care Plan and/or Progress Notes. Most commonly there is a form confirming services offered and that the policy holder is attending. They may want proof of a license, but they will understand when told that Washington State does not license adult day services.  

Note: Things have improved in recent years, but sometimes it may feel as if the insurance company is doing everything they can to not honor a policy. Encourage the family to keep trying. One family went clear to the State Insurance Commissioner before the their policy was honored, but it was in place quickly after that! 




Fee Scale
Scholarship Program
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