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Support Groups

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Alzheimer's Association Support Groups-Western WA

Download the PDF list here:

Alzheimer's Foundation of America Support Groups

Find a group here.

Greenwood Senior Center Support Groups and Counseling

Virtual and In-Person

View the support groups and counseling options here.

Pierce County Support Groups

Several different options for support groups in Pierce County. View the support group options here:

Sharing is Caring – Caregiver Support Group

Camano Center

606 Arrowhead Road, Camano Island

Facilitators: Patti Pontikis, Ellyn Thoreen and Cheryll Davis

Contact:  Karen Conway or 360-387-0222



Are you caring for someone with early-stage Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia? This support group meets once a month and is a great way to seek support from those who have the same concerns and challenges related to caregiving for someone with mild cognitive or memory impairment.


Group meets 3rd Wednesday at 11:00 at the Camano Center for an hour.  Option to stay and have lunch with the group at the Camano Center starting at noon.  Lunch is a “pay what you can” donation.


Class format:

First half hour - caregiver and person with dementia start in the same room.

Second half hour – caregivers are in one room and those with dementia may break-out in another room with group facilitator. Caregivers may come without spouse or partner. Person with dementia needs to come with a caregiver or partner. If you are bringing partner with dementia, the group is geared toward early dementia clients (for example, the person with dementia needs to be able to self-manage toileting and have ability to engage in some verbal conversation).

The Memory Hub - Virtual Caregiver Forum 

Mondays, 10-11 am

Details and registration available here.

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