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Daytime Memory Care & Caregiver Respite

Old Friends Club's mission is to cultivate joy in the lives of adults with dementia and nourish their family caregivers’ well-being.

Old Friends Club brings affordable active social clubs for people living with dementia in Western Washington. Old Friends Club empowers community-based organizations to meaningfully support people living with dementia and those who care for them. 

Taking Care of Plants

No matter where you are in your journey with dementia, Old Friends Club can help. We are here for the family caregiver, too. Families call the Club “Life-Changing” for the respite and support they gain while their loved ones are safe for the day, having fun, making friends, receiving individual attention, and regaining a sense of independence and relevance. Learn more about Old Friends Club here.

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“You have infused our time at home with new energy, new things to talk about, fresh perspective on my caregiving experience, and renewed resolve to continue home care as long as possible. Old Friend’s Club is a life-changing gift.”


-Family Caregiver

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Give the gift of hope, respite, friendship, and laughter.