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A wide range of resources are available on a range of topics. We also offer resources by Washington State County. Use the lefthand navigation to explore.

These affirmations can be repeated daily to help you stay motivated and maintain a positive mindset while caring for your family member. Remember that self-care is crucial, and seeking support from others is a sign of strength, not weakness.


I will work on one problem at a time.


I believe in myself and my abilities.


I am resilient, and I will find moments of self-care and rest to recharge.


I am a loving and dedicated caregiver, making a difference in my family member's life.


I can do small things with great love.


I have the strength and patience to handle the challenges that come my way.


I am not alone in my struggles.


I am not “just” a caregiver.


I am making a positive impact on my loved one's well-being and quality of life.


I am deserving of support and help from others.


I choose to focus on the present and find joy in the small moments.


I am grateful for the opportunity to show my love and care for my family member.


I am capable of seeking assistance when needed, without guilt.


I am a source of comfort and stability for my loved one.


I prioritize my own well-being, knowing it's essential to be an effective caregiver.

Affirmations for Caregivers/Care Partners:

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