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Team Hugging

Bring an Old Friends Club
to Your Community

Every community has an enormous need for affordable, person-centered care partner respite.

People living with dementia often face loneliness and isolation. Their caregivers carry heavy loads and need respite. We believe everyone deserves companionship and care.

Together, we can build a caring circle of connection. We can be present with each person, meeting them where they are. Lend your open heart to this meaningful work. Become part of our growing community of care. Your time and generosity will make an incredible difference in nurturing joy and dignity. Old Friends clubs transcend boundaries, embracing communities of diverse languages, cultures, faiths, and identities, fostering connections that know no limits.

How Our Affiliate Partnership Works


We want to help you create a welcoming Old Friends Club in your community. Here is how we support our affiliates:

  • Complete Toolkit - We provide a comprehensive guide covering every aspect of running a successful Club. This includes costs, policies, procedures, forms, and more. Our toolkit equips you with all the knowledge you need.

  • Ongoing Training - We offer regular training for your staff and volunteers. This includes dementia education, programming ideas, safety protocols, and best practices for engaging members. You'll have continual support to nurture your skills.

  • Access to Resources - From marketing materials to activity suggestions, we offer a wealth of resources to make your Club thrive. You'll have a library of tools at your fingertips.

  • Networking and Sharing - Connect with Clubs nationwide to share ideas and inspiration. Our community helps each other grow.


Respite and social engagement is desperately needed in your community. Filling that need is tremendously rewarding work. We're here to help make the process smooth and successful. Let us know how we can support you!

Reviewing Paperworks

Get started

Download our free Affiliate Informational Packet to learn everything you need to open an Old Friends Club:

  • Our Mission, Vision, Values - Learn about our commitment to connection and care.

  • Becoming an Affiliate - Find out how the process works from start to finish.

  • A Day at the Club - Get a preview of meaningful activities and engagement.

  • Toolkit Sneak Peek - See all the resources we provide affiliates.

  • Getting Started - Discover what you'll need to launch and run your Club.

  • FAQs - Get answers to commonly asked questions.

  • Next Steps - Understand how we'll support you each step of the way.


Bringing an Old Friends Club to life is deeply fulfilling work. Our packet shares how rewarding this community service can be. We're excited to help you grow your passion into purpose. Request your informational packet today and let's get started! Together, we can create welcoming spaces that nourish hearts and minds.

Download the Free Affiliate Informational Packet

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