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Care Partner Club Help Forum

Formally Known as the Caregiver Club Forum

Video: CC Forum Access + Sign Up/Login

CC Forum: Access/Sign Up/Login

CC Forum: Access/Sign Up/Login

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Video transcript:

Welcome to Old Friends Club’s Caregiver Club chat forum Instructions. We’re glad you’re here and look forward to getting to connect with you.


There are three easy ways to access the Caregiver Club forum from your browser. 


To access the forum from the home page, use the drop-down menu at the top of the OFC webpage. Hover over “The Club” and select “Caregiver Club” at the bottom of the list. This will take you to the main page of the forum. 


You can also access the forum on the main page by scrolling down the home page and finding the Caregiver Club forum section, located here, and selecting the right arrow button.


Last, you can type in into your browser. This will take you directly to the forum page. We suggest bookmarking this page for future convenience!


To participate in the forum, you will need to first sign up (or log in if you’ve already signed up). Sign up is free and takes only a moment. Click the Login/Sign up button at the top right of the screen. 


You can sign up using Facebook, Google, or your email.  


If you already have an account, switch to “log in” and select your log-in option. You will be able to choose from Facebook, Google, or your email to log in. 


Once you are logged in, you can head to the forum categories list, choose the forum topic you’re interested in, and start sharing and connecting.  


Have a look around and check out our additional forum help videos to answer your questions. We look forward to seeing you in the forum! Have a great day. 


Video: CC Forum- Reading Comments, Commenting, Creating Posts

CC Club Reading Comments, Commenting, Creating Posts

CC Club Reading Comments, Commenting, Creating Posts

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Video transcript:

Welcome back to the Caregiver Club online chat forum help section. In this video, we will look at how to read a forum comment, respond to a post or comment, and/or create your own forum post. Let’s head on over to the CC Forum page on the OFC website.


You do not have to be logged in to read posts. However, to respond to a post, make sure you are logged in. For help with signing up and logging in, please refer to our help video under this topic. Let’s go ahead and login right now!


To read a comment, select the forum category you’re interested in from the main page. Think of these forum categories as individual “chat” rooms. For this video, we are going to look at “General Discussion”. Click on “General Discussion” and lets view the different posts.


Hmm, “Maintaining Autonomy” looks like an interesting topic. Let’s select that and see what people are saying.


At the top of this screen, you will see the original post “Maintaining Autonomy”. You will see who wrote the post, when they wrote it, the title, the sub-forum category, the content in the post itself, as well as an option to “like” or share the post. 


Below that, you will see how many comments, or responses, there are for the original post, a box, or a “field” where you can write in your own comment to the original post. You can keep on scrolling to view other users responses too.


When you hit “reply” under a comment, you’ll be replying to that person’s comment. Once you select “reply”, a box or a “field” will pop up. Take your mouse and click on the “write a reply” field, and simply type in your reply right there. You also have a few options in this same field before you hit publish- you can add a photo, take a video, upload a file, add an image, use an emoji (like a smiley face), add code, add a list, a divider, or create a poll. 


Once you have finished writing your response, press “Publish”. You will see your reply show up in the thread beneath the comment you were responding to. You do not have to refresh the page to see new comments being shared! Depending on the browser you are using, you may even see if someone is typing a response!


If you’d like to create your own post that users can respond to, head back to the main page. You can select “categories” at the top of the sub-forum page to go back to the main forum. Select “Create new post” and choose the category you’d like to have the post fall under, create a title, and write your post content. Again, you have different upload options to choose from to add more to this post. Don’t forget to hit “publish!”


We hope you enjoy getting to connect with other caregivers in this chat forum and that this video was helpful! Thank you!

Posts and comments

Video: CC Forum- Forum Tour

Video Transcript:


Hello and welcome to the help video for the “OFC Caregiver Club Forum Tour”. In this video, we will take you on a brief tour of the caregiver club forum so that you have an overview of how the forum is laid out.


To start go to the OFC home page: 

Go to main menu at the top of the page, hover over “Caregiver Resources” 

Move your mouse (or cursor) down to “caregiver club forum” 

Select CC Forum and this will take you to the Caregiver Club forum main page


You’re going to want to login if you aren’t logged in already. If this is your first time visiting the forum, you will need to first sign up. Please see the video for sign up and login for additional support.


After you’ve logged in, you’ll see an icon here. It might be a user icon or it could be your photo if you’ve previously logged in and uploaded a photo of yourself. You are now logged into the caregiver club forum. 


You’ll see a welcome message here.


Let’s start the tour with the top menu bar in the forum moving from left to right. 


First, you’ll see “Categories”. This is for the different forum categories (shown below on this main screen). These are all of the forum categories and we will continue to add more. There are related posts in each category. You can check them out at any time — they don’t expire. Users are allowed to remove their own posts if they’d like to after they’ve made them, and moderators are allowed to remove any inappropriate or unrelated posts, harmful posts, or unapproved marketing posts from companies.


“All Posts” will show all the posts that have been put up, regardless of category.


“My posts” will show all of the posts you’ve made. This is your subject headline, category, user name. You can see how many people have commented, reacted, or viewed the post, and then you can the recent activity of the post here.


This is a search bar to search the forum.


Here is a settings wheel — to adjust settings.


Next is a small bell icon. This will alert you when there are notifications on your posts, such as a comment or a reaction or if you’ve subscribed to a particular category or post to get notifications.


And then the user drop-down- You have an option to go to your profile as well as a settings feature and the ability to log-out.


Let’s quickly look at “My Profile”, where you can change your user name, update your personal information, change your photo, create a cover photo for your profile, and see your posts. 



Back to the main page: 


You have an option to create a new post here by selecting this button.


These are all the different forum categories. When you go into one of these categories, you’ll be able to read the related posts.


You can see the original post. There’s one post in this particular category- we’re going to go ahead and select that. Here’s the original post. You can see who posted it, when they posted it. Over here you have the option to comment on this post. You can see how many views and comments on this post. Here’s another field to write a comment if you’d like. We have a video in our help forum on how to post and read comments. 


Below this, you will see all the comments and reactions to this particular post.


Back to the main page: you’ll see “all posts” that have been made here, but it’s also at the bottom of the categories list. You can see all of the new posts here.


At the bottom of the forum page, you have an option to watch help tutorials or read transcripts of the help tutorials. 


You can share feedback which we would absolutely love. There’s a short, anonymous survey to complete here.


There’s an option to view upcoming