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Two Santas?

We heard from one of our Program Coordinators, Susie, that some of her recent volunteer guests experienced a moment of confusion as they thought they were seeing double…two Santas? Here is what happened.

He he! Well, the preschool came to sing Christmas carols and the teacher, Doreen, asked the kids to introduce themselves. She then asked us to introduce ourselves..."I'm miss Alice, I'm miss Carol", etc. until it came to Bill who said "I'm Santa!" The kiddies little faces were a picture!

You could see their thoughts written all over their faces as it sank in that they were singing to Santa. But then there were a couple of them who at that point had eyes darting from Bill to Rick and back again as if to say "ey?" because Rick also bore a striking resemblance to Santa with his elf headband on!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Everyone must have had a jolly ol' laugh indeed…Merry Christmas!

Would you like to join the merriment? Consider volunteering with us and contact us today!

Join in on the community and fun!

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