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Block by block, we build together

Our members are always benefiting from our program coordinators innovative projects (Shooting for the Stars) and not surprisingly, even our family caregivers contribute their creativity ideas and skills too.

At our Carnation location one member's daughter is a quilter and brought the idea of making a quilt to our program coordinator, Joan. We love our community's enthusiasm to help and contribute, and this sounded like a great opportunity.

The quilter-daughter brought all supplies and the members brought their imaginations. It was so much fun! We each create our own square which consisted of nine smaller squares. Everyone was engaged as they enjoyed picking out their pieces and built their own unique blocks. The blocks were then gathered up and the daughter-quilter took all these pieces home.

Four weeks later, the quilter-daughter returned and presented to us this beautiful quilt. Each block is personalized with names of each creator and is just amazing to look at. "We love our quilt," said one member. Another surprised lady, "oh my it's so beautiful, I made that?". One of the men pointed out his square exclaiming, "That's mine! It's Seahawks!".

We all agree it feels good to create and even better to build things together.

Old Friends Club @ Carnation

Do you have some creative ideas or some special skills that you would like to share with our members? Consider volunteering with us and contact us today!

Join in on the community and fun!

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