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#LorealGivesBack in Kirkland

As part of L'Oréal's annual Volunteer Day 2019, some L'Oréal employees came to our program in Kirkland. Both our members and the volunteers had a great time! Thanks team L'Oréal for your generous time and thoughtfulness to be a part of our member's lives!

There was lots of interaction, conversation, and laughter as the volunteers spent the entire day with our Kirkland Club. The L'Oréal volunteers enjoyed it so much, they plan to do more events like this with Old Friends Club in the future!

We’re so happy and grateful to have shared our member’s day with the L'Oréal volunteers and we see this type of reaction often. Where volunteers come for an hour or a day and find themselves really enjoying working with our member’s. Being a part of the member's day and seeing the positive impact it has on members is both satisfying and fulfilling. Having the volunteers as part of any day program is also very much appreciate by both the staff and the members too.

Our club members are engaged every day with the activities planned by our wonderful Program Coordinator staff members and assistance and a big help in this regard comes from volunteers. Whether its music, art, telling stories, or just spending time to talk and play games is a huge part of giving our members the engagement and interaction they deserve each day.

We’re so glad Old Friends Club can be a part of our member’s lives and provide the same opportunity for volunteers too. We look forward to having the L'Oréal volunteers come back again in the future.

If you know family members whose work groups are looking are a place to volunteer, or perhaps you or a neighbor would like to spend a few hours a week with one of our clubs. Contact us and let us know.


Do you have some creative ideas or some special skills that you would like to share with our members? Consider volunteering with us and contact us today!

Join in on the community and fun!

Search for frequently asked questions at our OFC FAQ page.

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