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Technology and Eye Health/Hands And Wrists Health

Thank you to the Cyber Seniors for their helpful webinars this week-

“Technology use and eye health”

“How can technology affect our hands and wrists?”

Technology and Eye Health

A few take-a-ways:

  • Remember to blink when staring at a screen

  • Constant exposure to blue light can be harmful

  • 20-20-20 Rule: Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds

  • Increase text size on screen to a comfortable reading size to reduce eye strain

  • Do visual exercises, including a circular massage around your eyes.

(Not a part of the webinar, but here are some eye strain prevention exercises you can do:

Eye Yoga: Five eye exercises to prevent eye strain [3:08]

How can technology affect our hands and wrists?

A few take-a-ways:

Overuse of technology can lead to carpal tunnel, tendonitis, text neck

Ways to prevent this:

  • Take regular breaks

  • Stretch your hands and wrists

  • Adjust ergonomics

  • Maintain your posture

  • Have device-free time

  • Do wrist stretches, finger taps, and wrist flexion and extension

Cyber Seniors offers webinars on technology for older adults. You can learn more about Cyber Seniors here:

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