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"The Relief was Palpable"

There was an excited, emotional buzz when the Sammamish Club opened its doors last week to new members and their caregivers. While the new members began getting to know each other, their caregivers were able to step aside and have a moment to pause with Karen K., OFC’s founder, and Katie S., a staff member from OFC.

A special silence fell over the room as the caregivers settled in. Katie described it as a “touching silence” because the caregivers were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief for the first time in weeks, if not months. No words were needed.

Caregivers then shared what they would do with their newly acquired free time. One would head to the library, another would go golfing, and yet another was excited to simply "putter about".

This is guilt-free relief. Often, caregivers shift between guilt and resentment: Guilt if they’re not always there for the person they care for and resentment for having to give up pieces of themselves. The Clubs offer a break they can feel good about because it’s just as much for the person they care for.

One caregiver described a previous experience using respite care that didn’t go as hoped. Once the meeting ended, this dedicated caregiver walked into the room where the activities were happening to see the person they cared for telling a story and laughing. Relief washed over them and the feeling was palpable.

How good does that feel?!

Your gift today will spread the good and help more caregivers find guilt-free relief! Will you help?

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