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Members make us who we are, so who attends Old Friends Club?

Our members span a variety of backgrounds and each has a unique story. We are so fortunate to have such a diverse group of people attending our Adult Day Programs which contributes to the personality of a given club location. We've talked about, "What makes Old Friends Club different from any other Adult Day program?" and our creativity and flexibility is a plus ("Shooting for the Stars", "Block by Block, We Build Together"). So who are the people that make up Old Friends Club members? We provide answers in our "Demographics" section of our OFC FAQs individually and have compiled the most common ones here for convenience.

  • How many people attend and what is the average age?

  • Are most people independent?

  • How do you handle medications?

  • My loved one needs some assistance in the bathroom--is that okay?

  • How can I refer someone?

How many people attend and what is the average age?

Program attendance varies but our programs have the advantage of being small, intimate, and not overwhelming--usually no more than 10-12 at the most on any given day. This allows the program coordinators to plan activities according to members interests and level of cognitive ability. Ages vary from early 60's to mid-90's with the average age 78-80 years.

Are most people independent?

Most members are independent with minimal assistance with their ADL's (activities of daily living) Over half require assistance in the restroom and around 1/3 require assistance with ambulation or balance.

How do you handle medications?

If the member requires a medication to be taken during program hours, the member must be able to self-administer the medication. Staff is able to remind and give verbal cues but are not able to physically touch the medication at any time. Most often, families will adjust the time frame and give the medication prior and/or after the program hours if possible.

My loved one needs some assistance in the bathroom--is that okay?

We are able to assist a member in the bathroom as long as the person is able to assist with any transferring and is able to bear weight. We can offer support, direction, cueing, some hygiene assistance, and help with clothing.

How can I refer someone?

Feel free to give Susanne Rossi, our Director of Programming and Caregiver Support, a call at 425-681-9776 ext. 1

Professional referrals, from other agencies, can use the Old Friends Club Referral Form.

Do you know a family who might benefit from joining Old Friends Club? Share this blog post, our OFC Facebook page, and our OFC website with them. They can contact us by phone or on our Old Friends Club Contact Us page.

Search for frequently asked questions at our OFC FAQ page.

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