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Recap: March 2022 "Tip Tuesday"

The theme of "Tip Tuesday" in March was "A loved one has just been diagnosed with dementia. What next?"

Tip Tuesday posts can be found on OFC's social media outlets- Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, every Tuesday. The theme changes each month.

Tip Tuesday 3/1 Check out the Alzheimer's Association's resources for "Accepting the Diagnosis" to learn more about...

  • the process of acceptance

  • finding purpose

  • getting support

Tip Tuesday 3/8 Check out Teepa Snow's video on "Phrases to Learn for Caregivers"

Dementia care and training specialist Teepa Snow joins Senior Helpers to teach you important phrases to learn when caring for someone with Alzheimer's and dementia.

Tip Tuesday 3/15 The National Institute on Aging shares tips on what to do after a dementia diagnosis. These tips have been compiled into a checklist of next steps to take, which can be found on their website (2 pages, PDF).

Tip Tuesday 3/22 Join a Support Group

A support group will give you a place to listen to and share experiences, talk through ways of coping, learn about resources, and give you a support system.

The Alzheimer's Association is one organization that offers a variety of Alzheimer's and dementia support groups.

Tip Tuesday 3/29 After a diagnosis, don't lose sight of the person.

  • Remember to continue to treat them with dignity and respect.

  • Focus on what they can still do and help them engage in things that can bring them happiness and joy.

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