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Small groups, blossoming friendships, big impact

Earlier in the new year, one of our Program Coordinators had returned from holiday and noticed a transformation within her group. Specifically, she noticed the friendship between two of the ladies was really blooming. Most significantly, she noticed the women's faces light up each morning as they greeted each other's arrived at the club.

Even more amazing is the realization that one of the ladies, who has historically been mostly non-verbal, has recently begun joining in conversations with the group. "This is huge in my mind. It demonstrates how our smaller group setting can be hugely beneficial to people with dementia as it allows them to remain socially engaged." - Susie, Program Coordinator Kirkland

It's true. We see this frequently where a member may have been quiet and even disinterested in conversation with others at home and through their time at Old Friends Club they become comfortable interacting with one another and really blossoming. People often ask, "What can members expect on a typical day at the Old Friends Club?" We believe our small group programs, along with our inclusive activities, help to assure our members that they are understood and respected while also providing a safe environment for them to socialize and support one another.

Member's interactions with our staff, as well as with each other, help to improve their own behaviors and reactions throughout the day. Stories like our two lady friends above are common and reassures us that our small clubs have a big impact for our members and their caregivers.

Do you know a family who might benefit from joining Old Friends Club? Share this blog post, our OFC Facebook page, and our OFC website with them. They can contact us by phone or on our Old Friends Club Contact Us page.

Search for frequently asked questions at our OFC FAQ page.

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