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Volunteers are vital to OFC's success

Words can’t express the depth of our gratitude for the dedication and compassion of the volunteers who come each week to spend a day with the Members of the Club. They help keep people engaged and safe, and offer one-on-one attention. With their help, the program staff can ensure that everyone knows they are seen, heard and valued.

Other volunteers schedule time to share something special. Their kindnesses come in all shapes -- in December it might mean turning evergreens and sparkly things into holiday centerpieces or creating festive cards for faraway friends. This week, volunteers Barb, Larry, and Bob lead Members at all four Clubs in some jolly Christmas caroling.

There was much merriment this week with the help of many volunteers.

Do you have some creative ideas or some special skills that you would like to share with our members? Consider volunteering with us and contact us today!

Join in on the community and fun!

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