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Relaxation Technique and Breathing Exercise:





Self-Assessment [2 pages]: Caregiver Self-Assessment Questionnaire - PBS 

Caregivers are often so concerned with caring for their relative’s needs that they lose sight of their own well-being. Please take just a moment to answer the following questions. Once you have answered the questions, turn the page to do a self-evaluation.



Video [1:01:43]: A Caregiver Self Care Plan - Comfort Keepers



6 Steps to Reduce Caregiver Stress...

Alzheimer's Foundation of America



Article/PDF [11 pages, ~20-25 minute read ]  "Caregiver Stress and Burnout"by Melinda Smith




Journal prompts to help you understand and navigate how you feel.



Manage your stress

Roselyn Carter Institute 

RCI has partnered with Sharecare to offer a mini course through their mental wellbeing app, Unwinding with Sharecare, which is available to all caregivers.


When a Family Member Has Dementia: Steps to Becoming a Resilient Caregiver

McCurry, Susan M.

McCurry teaches caregivers how to take advantage of their own creativity and inner resources to develop strategies that will work in their unique situations. She presents her set of five core principles and then brings them to life through vignettes. Anyone who lives, works, or comes in contact with a person who has dementia will benefit from this 




Alzheimer's Association "Caregiver Stress"

Read "10 symptoms of caregiver stress" and "Tips to manage stress" here.



Take a Breather and Relax Your Mind and Body in 6 Minutes with Progressive Muscle Relaxation

 Follow along with the video here.



How can a Caregiver Experience Freedom From Burnout?



A Caregiver Self Care Plan Using the 7 Ways to Wellness



Alzheimer’s Disease and Spouse Caregiver Support: How to Keep the Glass Half Full



Coping with the Emotional Highs and Lows of Caregiving


“Who Cares for the Caregiver?” - Mental Health America Webinars [59:13]


Podcast: Caregiver Dave 

"Your Guide to Avoiding Burnout and Surviving Grief"


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